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Dogal 2 years ago
Absolutely superb movie. Upvoted! :^)
Zolozahn 2 years ago
Why has he got painted fucks?
Arashiktilar 2 years ago
check ur emails i replied to you guys : xo
Gardarg 2 years ago
Look, I just seen the messages you sent in the chat to me. It was uncall for, but I do understand your anger. I meant no disrespect to you or your wife; it was an honest mistake. I'm saying this where everyone can see it. Im not fake, I just fucked up & can admit it. Now going back and forth is frivolous, because it isn't like we're going to meet up and fight about, which proves nothing. U can block me if you would like, I could careless. & we're all basically Fake on here. This is mere pleasurable entertainment. & furthermore, there's no need to protect your wife's honor from 'Me', I am not the one uploading downloadable vidz of her uncovered. So happy hunting for whatever it is that you are searching for on your jurnee.
Tojacage 2 years ago
100it Racks

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